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A beautiful voice!


“She was the missing puzzle piece at my event. Her beautiful voice, the special sounds of the kora, her love for music and her sparkling personality touched the people's hearts and brought the visitors closer to themselves and each other. The event was lifted to a higher level. A deeper contribution that was tangible for a long time. ”



You took me on a trip ...


“You sang straight into my heart and made room in every corner of it with your voice. You really took me on a trip. I felt so much softness and bliss. Thank you!"



We enjoyed!


“What unexpected sounds, music, rhythm, singing from the heart. Felt connected. I really enjoyed participating in sound yourself. Very touched! Thank you!"



Article  about Album “Gaia”
Tanja Dierckx, Tijdschrift Interactionele Vormgeving: "Metafoor" in Belgie


"I myself underwent this music as a loving invitation to gracefully winding between rhythmic
melodies, flowing chants and trembling trance. There are silent numbers, but especially on
powerful throat sounds are not lacking. The fiery primeval woman makes herself heard and in any case mine
body wanted to capture its sounds in boundless expression. That is also the intention: Dymphi wants you
lowering from your head to your body. In the ideal world, this is a CD for everyone, women and men, because this music you
back to your primal power. The lovers of five rhythm dance and ecstatic dance will be here
no doubt of feasting. By the way, try not to decipher Dymphi's lyrics, because she sings in an intuitively improvised
envisioned sound language, which is called Jabber or Gibberish (theater therapists know this

perhaps). On the cover, Dymphi says that her CD is made with "lots of love and fun" and you can feel it!"

Review on Album Gaia: Dymphi Peeters Soars
Dorothy Johnson-Laird,


“On her recent album, “Gaia” she steps out more on her own. This CD is a collaboration with Andre Schoorlemmer. He plays guitar, bass guitar, and also engineers. Dymphi’s songs invent a new world: her powerful voice soars over electronica with the steady pulse of the kora. Dymphi describes her music as, “inner world music with a meditative atmosphere.” She has a hippy spirit and sunny demeanor. Yet do not be misled by her gentleness. Her music mesmerizes.”

Review Mehmet Polat Trio bij Jazz Fest Amsterdam 

Sophie Conin van


"In one of the most intimate performances of the evening, this trio provided atmospheres and sounds mixed with traditional folk music from all over the world and with improvisation and jazz influences. All instruments were played with craftsmanship, finesse and subtlety. As far as this reviewer is concerned, the highlight of the evening."

Interview (in Dutch)
Petra Hiemstra, Haagse Hoogvliegers

I was recently interviewed by Petra Hiemsta of Haagse Hoogvliegers as part of a series of 12 interviewing contemporary leaders about how they listen (lovingly) and embody loveful leadership in their daily practice.

It aims to bundle the results of it in a book that will be published in late 2017/ early 2018!

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart
Jazzflits, Netherlands

“This African-like instrument is played by newcomer Dymphi Peeters. She replaces Zoumana Diarra and also brings European harp tradition with her in her playing.”

Interview (in Dutch)
Petra Hiemstra, Haagse Hoogvliegers

I would like to share this extensive interview with me in the context of the CD of the Mehmet Polat Trio: “Ask your heart” and written by Petra Hiemstra of Haagse Hoogvliegers! Proud!

Review on CD Mehmet Polat Trio: Ask your heart
Frankenpost DE, Germany

“With this music may your soul find peace and joy, the pieces of the Mehmet Polat Trio entice you to dream and almost to meditate. – Mehmet Polat Trio’s music has the potential to make this world a better place.”

Article on Singing Circle, Netherlands


“I keep my eyes closed and feel my own voice mixing with the other circle mates and the kora. It buzzes in me. The sounds are mystical. We sing around the tones of the ancient harp. I feel like a woman from days gone by, far away from the internet, industrialization and the introduction of the monetary system. A primitive tribe deep in the jungle, in close contact with the earth and close to the stars.

Very primal." 

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