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Voice Healing Work


"I feel that there is much more in me than that comes out"

"Something in my throat keeps me from singing"

"I would like to sing and improvise freely, but I don't dare yet"

"I love to express my feelings, but I'm tired of talking"

"I want to explore the healing powers of my voice"

"I want to raise my frequency"

"I want to feel more free to be myself"

"I want to explore who I am"

"There is incredible music in my soul which doesn't come out yet"

"I want to develop my voice to be able to use it fully"

"My teacher in elementary school said to me: Don't sing! And since that I stopped singing, but O feel a longing to use my voice"

"I want to learn to enjoy my own voice"

"I want to help others with my voice and sounds"


I have come a long way in self-expression. I used to find it very scary to let myself be heard and seen. Fortunately I feel different now! As a musician, singer and voice healer I have noticed how powerful the voice is! I love to help you with tension around the voice and singing to free your voice, so that it sounds fuller, more authentic and with less effort. With my loving and powerful guidance I create space to explore your voice. I love to inspire you to connect with your body wisdom and soul. For me, connection, spirituality, well-being, self-expression and freedom are very important.


Energy is the invisible basis of everything. It influences how we create our reality. Your own voice has an enormous powerful effect on your own body and energy. We consist for 85% of water. Our cells respond to sound. Organs in our ears are connected with nerves through all parts in our body. We also respond strongly to intentions. You have probably noticed that music can change the state of your consciousness and mood. So imagine how powerful the influence of the sound of your own voice can be!


And this is not about beautiful singing. No! It is about sounding exactly as you feel it in the moment, possibly from parts of your body, such as your heart and belly and your back or sound from images, such as a flower or the ocean. It’s not always sweet. Sometimes it is necessary to vomit sound. Sound is energy. Sometimes you have so much energy in your body that is not good for you that you have to vomit it out. And what a relief when that is over! You will feel so much better, because everything that you suppress costs energy.


How can I use the influence of my voice to develop myself? Very practical: You can follow a workshop, retreat, program or individual coaching trajectory with me. Please contact me for more information and options on so we can explore if we are a match. I alway's work from the basis of your longing or intention and in the present moment.

I'm inspired by shamanism, family constellation work, writing methods for shifting beliefs, spirituality, nature, Ecstatic Dance, power places, pyramids, crystals, world music fusion and folk music, opera, improvisation, medicine music, intuitive music, voice healing and energy work.

It is my dream to inspire men and women to be themselves, to seek and give each other support, to feel the peace and love in themselves and to help protect the earth with all its life. 

I'm looking forward to meet and to hear you!

With love, Dymphi Peeters

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