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Ecstatic Dance Band

Live performed world music by professional musicians, who are creating from the heart. Every note is improvised, created on the spot inspired by the Ecstatic Dance community. Ecstatic Dance is a free movement space in which dance expands, spirit activates and beauty flows. As a community we are connected the whole time, even if we dance by ourselves.


We are Dragonfly and we love Ecstatic Dance! Because our music is entirely improvised we can be in direct contact with the dancers. They move to our music, we react to their movements. Energy rises and together we reach great climaxes and the experience of a natural trance. Then we rest, cry, laugh. And start building new climaxes again. All without words. Just sounds and movements, musicians and dancers.


Dymphi Peeters – African Kora, Vocals, Flute
Ignas te Wiel – Percussion, Vocals
Boudine van Slobbe – Percussion, Hang
Freek Zwanenberg – Piano, Keyboard

Lex Pantelic - Guitar, Tanbor, Greek Baglama

Dragonfly is developed in cocreation with Ecstatic Dance Utrecht.


Genre: Live Intuitive World Music from the heart for Ecstatic Dancing, Improvised music, Vocal Improvisation, Sounds & percussive ritms,  Dynamic mixed atmospheres: uplifting followed by calm music, or vice versa, alternately ecstatic, wild, calm, melodious and moving.

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