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New Video: Anchoring the Light ceremony - Hieros Gamos experience

I'm soo thankful I was a part of this with my medicine music and voice healing guidance! <3

*** Hieros Gamos Anchoring the Light ceremony ***

Let's spread this message of Hope and Love. Let's anchor the Light amidst all fear, judgement, control, pain and tightness on the surface of this planet now.

Let's go deeper, center within ourselves, to help mankind to navigate through these challenging times. We ARE moving to a new era of conscious interconnectedness, Harmony and Peace. This is the birthing phase and we need to stand strong now.

With endless gratitude to all the brave pioneers who held the Light and Love burning within themselves through all the ages.

Thank you dear warriors, witches, mystics, free thinkers, magicians, heretics. Thank you dear souls who followed the lesser known paths, despite all the sacrifices that took.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Today we rise again.

It is time now.

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