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Boost your health and well-being

Get rid of your energetical blockages

Get healing for (chronical) pain in your body

In this online abonnement you get 2 group vocal changelings per month by Dymphi to cleanse your energy! You can join the live video in a private Facebook group or experience the replay.

The vocal changelings will be on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of the month starting at 20:00h EST and taking approximately 1 hour.

The only thing you need is a place to relax and lay down with your headphones or amplifiers. Enjoy the energy! 

*In this soundhealing abonnement, Dymphi tunes into the group energy. If you wish to experience a full personal session, then book a physical or online session here.




"It was such a nice and powerfull experience for me. It was intense and relaxing at the same time, of and on.
I felt a lot of energy going in my lower belly and heart and crown-chakra. Your sound is amazing and I also liked the end with the instrument, that was beautiful. Thank you very much for giving this chance to join this!

- Famke Plantinga 

"Dymphi what a powerful energy was released. Anger and anger were allowed to flow freely. I could receive so deep in my body. Grateful❤️"

- Evelien Broch

"Dear Dymphi, I just received the healing and it was...uhm...I don't know...not from this planet...
You are such a beautiful soul! Wauw! I feel your love and your soft, lovely energy. Thank you só much! I have had a lot of healings, also online, but never like this!❤
I felt a whole kind of different energy. Lots of energy, tintling, crowling through my body.
When we reached the 3rd eye I felt a very, very heavy weight on it. It was almost too heavy. I felt I needed to just release it. And then it felt like opening. I saw light colours and just when you stopped I saw golden light, like a sun through my 3rd eye. Then my crown chakra I felt heaviness too, it turned round and round and I felt pain. And then I felt it turned out of my crown chakra and I felt it opened. Just when you stopped I felt something, like a click and also heard it, also in my right ear... Then the song for my soul...I almost immediately start moving, shaking, making sounds like crying, but I didn't really cry. My body shocked ( is it English?) and then it stopped and I start crying. Very hard. Even very loud for a short moment. And then I stopped crying and I felt love and light. Wow, wow, wow...what a beautiful, amazing experience!!
Só powerful! Thank you só much, Dymphi!! From the bottom of my heart! Can I do it again another time? ❤❤❤❤❤❤ "

- Carina Voordenhout

"I listened to your live sound healing yesterday. I could not be there at 8pm.

It was really a very special experience. I got very warm. And halfway through I stopped listening, it felt like I got so much energy that I couldn't "handle" it lying down. So I have started moving. Then I went to sleep, but I barely slept all night, just because I felt the energy flowing that way and at the same time I felt very good and calm. Trusting the bigger thing ...
Thank you for the special experience"

- Renee Scipido


Two days after the sound healing experiment I feel great! My energy is improving day by day! Thank you so much! This was and is a gift❣️

- Cristina Redi

"You are super beautiful SISTER, sister! Grand thing u did with your SOUND TODAY. For creating new with LOVE lots of space needs to be done. Opening HEARTS wider is scary for many people. But today you created even more space for LOVE on the planet. Thank you ever so much for your contribution for Mother Earth. Our Grand Mother holds our hands and feet when we ask her for that.💚🥰🌹 Hugging the GENTLE FAIRY who is awakening inside you and the big whale which allows your big impact!"

- Daniela DiCascata

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