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Voice & Kora Artist | Medicine Music | World Music Fusion | Sound Healing | Improvisation |

Voice Healing Work | Freedom | Authenticity | Well-being | Spirituality | Empowering Women & Men


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The Voice of the Desert Retreat Jordanie!


Personal profile

The Dutch Dymphi Peeters is a voice and kora artist who creates medicine music inspired by world music fusicon, sound healing and improvisation.


In an ocean of world music, she stands out – in addition to the special instrumentation of the African Kora – through the great expressiveness in timbres and emotions in her voice that brings to various parts of the world, but also because she sings in an intuitive primal language that invites you to sink with your attention out of your head and into your body. Fans describe her as a “primeval woman” who can touch your heart and soul with her music.


Have fun exploring this website to get to know more about Dymphi Peeters and her Medicine Music.

Dymphi Peeters

"I love to inspire people to connect with their body wisdom and soul. I am a musician and voice healer. For me, connection, spirituality, well-being,

self-expression and freedom are very important."